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Where stories and inspiration have no boundaries, Haute Hippie is designed in Manhattan, New York, under the creative direction of Cady Vaccaro.

Inspired by the journey and haute heroines of the past, our collections are a love affair with the world - a passionate romance with clothing. Reflecting on the past to shape our future, each garment tells a piece of our journey, and more importantly, our future.

Many times it starts with fabrication - soft silks inspire color palates, finished with beaded embellishments. Uniquely Haute Hippie, each bead, thread, weave, pattern and fabric are hand selected; and embellishments carefully hand crafted - no trim or detail can ever be too small.

Like each individual, every piece of clothing is a complex piece of the puzzle - there is no limit to how you should wear it. Draping and layering is the foundation, and each piece represents a layer in your life - a layer of empowerment and perseverance. We want our clothes to become a part of your personal journey.

Embrace the journey, join the mindset

Thanks + love, 

Cady & Haute Hippie Team xx